Friday, November 12, 2010

A blogging we will go......

As 2010 winds down and we hunker down for a Wisconsin winter, the timing is appropriate to launch my blog. I've set many things behind me, most memorably closing the door to a year spent in cancer treatment. I'd like to say I've locked and bolted that door forever but as most survivors know that is a wish and a prayer and a whole different blog post.
Instead I look forward to a rebirth of sorts. Its hard to not spend the day smiling (and sometimes looking a bit foolish) because I'm so thrilled with the turn of events in my life. I am back to being a wife and mom of four. Technically I never left that job, but definitely relied on a community of friends and family to help me hold it together. Noticeably, the busy life of my children's scheduling doesn't bother me anymore because I am so grateful to have the strength to do it. In addition, I wrapped up my 200 hours of teacher's training through the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, launched my studio Clean Spirit Yoga, and our island yoga retreat business. My kids are involved in school, music lessons, and social engagements and once in a great while I even can sneak in a date with my husband.
Life is good.
As I publish this first post, I look forward to writing and hearing from other yogi's, mothers, survivors, and Madeline Island fans.

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