Monday, March 14, 2011

Yoga for Runners

Yoga is for everyone.  But specifically my experience working with runners is that once they see the benefits of incorporating yoga into their training program they are passionately hooked.  I have a runner's dozen of yoga poses and will incorporate those into my blog this spring but in the meantime my absolute essentials for yoga are featured in Athleta's Chi blog

I am thrilled to be able to write for such a great community of athletes and hope that if you are lacing up your running shoes this spring, you remember these great poses.

Namaste and happy trails!


  1. Hi - I just stumbled upon your blog from the Athleta website and thought someone should let you know you have a typo in your heading..."Refelections on life a little off..." should say "Reflections" - sorry, but if no one says anything, you might not see it! :)

  2. Om gosh, thank you for the heads up. Supports my theory that I am a little off balance :)Namaste!


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