Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Warning: gush's Mother's Day and I always get emotional.

It's early morning and I get a few moments to sit at my computer before the kids wake up.  It looks like it is going to be beautiful outside. I'm especially glad Sunday is here. Initially I wasn't looking forward to this weekend.  There was so much on the family agenda that I knew it would be one of those times when we just move from activity to activity managing to get through without too much mishap.  That is our life, and it's very fulfilling, but also somewhat overwhelming.  I'll spare you with the details (every mom is busy, right?) Just suffice it to say, it's nice to sit down and take a few breaths.

The real reason for this post is that as a mother I am feeling so grateful for this day.  Not because it's my day but because it's because of these kids that I live this amazing life.  I received more then four gifts but the following four were the ones that I treasured:

From Teddy:  We took a CPR class yesterday and then he was off to Prom at night.  It was a very busy day for him but in the middle of it we got to have lunch together, just the two of us.  This is a rarity, our busy lives never extend us the luxury of time to talk and usually his animated sisters dominate the conversation.  He is worried about growing up, getting into a good college, and being on his own.  As his mother I am amazed that we have gotten to this stage, unsure of all of those things myself, but mostly inspired by his maturity and the amazing human he has become.  His gift to me was his time.  Sounds small, but it was huge.

From Kiki:  She was confirmed at our church Friday night.  She needed to pick a Saint's name to add to her own.  I knew she had chosen Joan of Arc but wasn't really aware of why.  She told me Friday that Joan reminded her of me, courageous and brave (insert muffled sob here ).

From Grace:  A Monk E Mail.  There is something very endearing about a chimp with a British accent telling you what an amazing mother you are.  For those of you who have a special message to send to someone who has a good sense of humor, you will enjoy this one too.

From Tess: I got several homemade cards but my favorite was a note she wrote at Kindergarten, an assessment of me.  She described me as blond with hazel eyes and 1005 lbs (a slight overestimation).  She wrote that my favorite foods were chocolate and vegetables and that she loves me because "she carys."  I'm so saving this one forever.

Growing up, my mother always bought my siblings and I  gifts on Mother's Day.  She said that we afforded her the amazing privilege of being a mom.  So I'm doubly blessed......with being mom to my four as well as the understanding that they are the best gift I could ever receive.

I warned you it was going to be mushy.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing moms.

"My Mother's Assessment" by Tess

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