Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Bliss for this Island Girl

Tripod headstand on Madeline Island
Well, it took a while to reach us but it looks like spring has finally reached Wisconsin, albeit a cold and rainy one.  Fortunately for me it never rains on Madeline Island (OK, that's not entirely true) but it does seem like my happy meter is always dialed up a notch while on the island. 

To the right, is my best attempt to welcome spring, flipping heels over head.  Yes, I did get a bit of sand in my hair and No, I am not burying my head in the sand.  I have just found that sometimes in order to get the best perspective on life you need to flip it around and challenge your view of it.  Including the view, there are many great things about doing a headstand on the shores of Madeline.

I have spending a lot of time preparing for the retreat season and am slightly slap happy at the positive response we have received for the Yoga and Kayaking Adventures.  These retreats are a combination of physical, mindful, and adventuresome activities designed to offer women balance in our fast paced society.  Our dates are listed below.  You can find more details or register at madelineislandyogaretreats.com or email amy@cleanspirityoga.com

Yoga and Kayaking
July 10-13
July 17-20
August 14-17  **One spot left **
August 21-24

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