Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Nature is a writer's best friend.  ~Agavé Powers
Well, our Yoga and Kayaking season has officially begun with the welcoming of  some wonderful yoginis who joined me on Madeline Island for some outdoor adventure.  The weather served us well which resulted in some great kayaking, a delicious beach side savasana, and a beautiful hike through the state park early this morning. The magnitude of the scenery is hard to describe.  I can post dozens of pics and it really doesn't compare.  And yet, towards the end of our hike we came upon a simple stacking of stones.  It struck me how something as mundane as a pile of rocks could be so simply arranged into a piece of art.  Against the backdrop of the awesomeness of Lake Superior it was another lesson from Mother Nature.  Every bit of small beauty is a unique expression of the collective whole. 

Thank you yoginis of the great Green Bay!

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