Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No T.V. Summers

Sunset swims trump T.V. time
Just one more thing I love about Madeline Island.......

In 2009, when the rest of the world transitioned to digital television (DTV), we did not.....at least not in our Madeline Island cottage.  It just didn't feel like a priority at the time and as it turns out was one of the smarter parenting decisions we have made (we gamely admit to making a few mistakes too.) What occurred to me recently was despite the obvious lack of mindless noise in our home at night, our living room is a hub of  family activities such as games, puzzles and art projects vs. all of us staring mindlessly at the black box.

My husband insisted we have a DVD player for movies but fortunately there are only so many times you can watch School of Rock and Shrek 4.  Despite my disdain for the clutter of puzzle pieces last night I was delighted as all of the kids(and Dad) gathered for some good Disney puzzle magic. I wonder if we can go T.V.-less in the winter months too.....

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