Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Heart Martha Stewart

If you can't find me it is because I haven't been released from cloud nine yet.  I'm up there, floating around feeling a happy buzz only second to that great yoga bliss you experience after an invigorating yoga class. Pinch me please.

I got word today that my treasured project in action,  Madeline Island Yoga Retreats was featured in the November issue of Martha Stewart's Whole Living as one of their inspiring getaways.  My favorite part?  Highlighting this retreat opportunity in beautiful Wisconsin amongst more oft considered exotic travel locale. 

You can pick up an issue at Target (and other retail stores which carry fine magazine).  If you frequent the Eau Claire Target you will find it front in center of the magazine aisle, right where I carefully rearranged it.  When I got the raised eyebrow from the guy in red I just told him I was pretty sure that was where Martha would have wanted it.

Wondering what a retreat would look/feel like?  It's a good thing.  Just ask Martha.

Sent to me by my techy web guy......I thought this was sweet.

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  1. Awesome! Although I enjoy the sounds and smells of the sea AND welcome the warmth of the sun that a tropical beach vacation may bring, I treasure my visits to Wisconsin and look forward (one day) to attending one of your retreats! I'm a friend of Kristin Polenz - she's referred me to your site & blog. Although I'm new to yoga, as a recreational runner in her mid-40s, I've been told of and read about yoga's benefits so I look forward to reading more here!


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