Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodnight 2011

It's always interesting to close down a year for me. There is always so much anticipation leading up to Christmas but its the days after that I appreciate the quiet and the extra time with my family. And then there is  time to reflect on the old year and anticipate the new.

Looking back on 2011 I am grateful for many things.  New friends on retreats, long standing friendships that I had a chance to develop, and of course good health.  At times I felt busier than ever before. Maybe because of that I am more nostalgic as my children have rapidly grown and it has finally occurred to me that these fleeting moments cannot be paused.  I miss having a baby in the house and have realized that perhaps I need to stop "babying" the seven year old who has ignored my requests to stop growing. And as the oldest begins planning a list of colleges to visit, I can't help but look at his 6 foot 2 inch man child face and wonder when he stopped playing with Thomas the Tank engine.

Looking ahead, I love January because it almost always inspires people to start fresh with a new fitness program or focus on health. As a yoga teacher, (and one who writes occasionally),  I am excited to share my passion for healthful living with others.  Inevitably my yoga classes are busier then usual with an renewed interest in developing a practice. I love that!

I wrote a piece for The Athleta Chi blog on Considering the Possibilities of the New Year.  I kind of like the idea of envisioning 2012 as one big possibility. Goodnight 2011; hello 2012.

Headstand on Madeline's Capser Trail.  Gain a new perspective by flipping upside down.

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