Saturday, April 14, 2012

Guilt Free Energy

Finding a decent snack for this family is not an easy task.  I have always been a label reader and would prefer to have as little junk food in the house as possible. Once upon a time if something was labeled "natural" I would pick it up without a second thought.  More recently, I am skeptical of many food companies marketing techniques and the food production methods. It is struggle to feed this growing family because of the high costs of food, now add the fact that 90% of what stocks the inner aisles of the typical grocery store doesn't even qualify as real food!  I began to feel as though the only way to serve a safe and healthy snack was to make it with all organic ingredients myself.  Great idea for this well-intentioned mama but not always practical with my schedule.

More recently, I have been on a quest to find an energy bar that does not contain soy.  I am a reformed Luna bar addict who probably averaged three to five a week before a morning work out to gain the morning energy boost I needed. It wasn't til after the bout with breast cancer that I started completely avoiding soy completely understanding that a very high majority of it is over processed. There is a real and dangerous link between breast cancer and soy. Luna specifically tauts the benefits of many of its organic ingredients claiming that it is 70% organic.  But the soy in their bar is not. (See also ingredient labels of Cliff bars).

The first time I tried to find an energy bar without soy at the grocery store I was overwhelmed.  There was nothing available that contained great high quality ingredients and was free of soy.  Nothing.

Just by chance one day I noticed another yoga teacher mentioned  Yoga Earth's Keen-Wah bar.  I am a huge quinoa fan! I ordered a box and was thrilled with my find. A great source of iron and protein! Organic and yummy.  Something quick and healthy that I could give to the kids without the guilt and the work.  I enjoyed them so much I bought a few more boxes to share with my yoga clients.  I received a very positive response from them as well.

Did a little research on the company too and really love their company values on using high quality ingredients which are ethically sourced as well as sustainable. I love that! 

They tell me there are some more flavors coming up the pike very soon.  I'm thrilled to find these treats and will be sharing them in gift bags for the up-coming island retreaters this summer.   

Yesterday I ran out.  My very active fifteen year old griped, "Mom, I really was looking forward to one of those this morning, you can't run out."  I will happily try not to.


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