Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gratitude off the Grid

It's Thanksgiving morning and for the first day in what seems like forever, I don't have much to do.  This is a beautiful thing.  At first I was honestly nervous to not have a check list. Unraveling my triple type A neuroses is a challenge even on Thanksgiving. But an hour to write a blog post without the panic of having way to much to do is a huge blessing.

The kids are still in their jammies as we sit by the fire in our Madeline Island cabin (It's 10:30 am). The sight off my deck is panoramic deep blue Lake Superior as the leaves have fallen to open up the view.   I don't have much to cook as we are attending dinner at at the home of our island friends. It's been a quiet morning filled with pumpkin pancakes and warm maple syrup and I'm seeped in gratitude for the opportunity of time to be reflective on what an amazing life I lead.  We are literally off the grid here without any access to an open business. It's a beautiful thing.

If you read my blog, thank you.  I am grateful that we have connected via this blog (and that you find my musings of some entertainment).  If you practice yoga with me, thank you.  I am grateful for the connection we share through breath, a movement towards a healthy life, and the general life journey that we mutually strive to understand. And if you are a friend or family member, thank you. Because I am most fortunate because of the people in my life.  It is the moments of my life with you that I am most grateful for today.

I'm off to make a cheese plate for my family.  With figs, fancy crackers, and homemade hummus.  Gratitude.

A few of the humans I am most grateful for.

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  1. I am grateful for you Amy. I appreciate that you share your thoughts, ideas and yoga journey here. I wonder if being "off the grid" is a state of mind that I can take with me anywhere or if I need a peaceful location to help me get there. Something that I will ponder. Peace. Sarah


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