Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Branches are Brimming

My Yoga Tree branches that is.

We kicked off our first Yoga Tree event at The Children's Museum last Saturday.  Close to 40 yogis attended and shared the love for our community via donations for The Children's Museum.  It was a happy day for myself, a teacher and collaborator on this project, with fellow yoga teachers and friends, Aveen, Kristin, and Amelia.

We had poured over ideas, researched other karma yoga projects, and met many times to discuss the small details of this big undertaking.  It was fun and never burdensome and then as the days approached to the first event......exciting.

We had no idea of how many would come.  I woke up in the morning feeling nervous.  But the event was successful and it was thrilling to so many come together for the collective good of the community.

I would like to take credit for it but we based our idea on the beautiful Gorilla Yogi Project in Minneapolis.  Their founder Jess, was generous with her advice.  In the end, we made the concept our own and our branches sprouted.

We planted it and they came.

We hope more join us each month.  Our next event is on Sat, February 23rd 10 am at The Children's Theatre.  All levels welcome.  Bring a mat and a water bottle.

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