Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coolest small town? For sure!

Budget Travel magazine is holding their annual "coolest small town" nomination and I have to say they have got it right this year with La Pointe, WI on Madeline Island being at the top of their list. The magazine gives a small nod to the beauty of the town and draws attention to Tom's Burnt Down Bar (which is a lot of fun, I must admit.) However, my friend and La Pointe resident Michael Childers stated it so much more eloquently in his comment, " More than the physical beauty of the place - there is a spirit in the air that can seize your imagination the moment you get off the ferry. You can fly to the island if so inclined - but for me crossing the water transitions you to a world removed from the mainland. A place apart- with the sound of magic in the pines. A world where you can actually experience the sound of nature without the noise of modern life."

Add to that the artistic edge of the island's inhabitants, fabulous cuisine at several restaurants on the island, biking trails and world class kayaking and cool only touches the surface.

Vote for La Pointe on Madeline Island as the coolest small town. Select the star on the map at the tip of Wisconsin and cast your ballot today! And plan to join us on the island next summer to see for yourself.

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