Friday, December 17, 2010

If You Give a Momma the Month of December

Last night my six year old brought down one of Laura Numeroff's books,  If You Take a Mouse to the Movies.  I love the whole series of her books and as I was reading it to Tess I had to laugh at the parallel in my life right now.  I know I'm not the only mother who feels this way.  We should really have one of her books dedicated to the mommas.  If so, perhaps  it would go something like this:
If you give a momma the month of December, she will begin by making a meticulous list of all of the things that need to be done.  After writing the list she will realize that she needs to purchase a new mixer to help her with her holiday baking. On, as she researches the mixer, she will decide she should purchase the super saver shipping option because she has to ship a lot of gifts. She will select some gifts to be shipped, enter her credit card number, and then realize her credit card has expired.  She will then search for her new credit card only to realize that it is buried in a very messy wallet full of Christmas receipts that needs to be organized and set aside. Upon cleaning out her receipts she will find a coupon for trim the tree items at Target and remember that she needs to pick up some lights.  It will occur to her that she should work on untangling the big red bin full of last year's lights first.  As she pulls out the bin and begins to untangle the mountain of  cords before her,  she becomes hungry and wishes she had begun her holiday baking.

This happens to me.  I have found my best defense is a reality check (in my world it is reminding myself of what is really important) and  a good restorative yoga pose such as Balasana or Child's pose  with some deep centering breaths.  It helps me to refocus and almost always I end up crossing off a few things on that list that really weren't that important to begin with.  At the end of the day it always amazes me at how much I can accomplish.

For all of you mommas out there,  you may have a few of these December days too. It's OK. At this point in the month I have resigned myself to idea that holiday baking probably won't happen.  But the lights are untangled and I really love my nice new mixer tucked away on my kitchen counter. Stay sane and holiday blessings to all of the mamas.

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