Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wisconsin's Winter Wonderland

Every year I'm dreaming of a white Christmas and this year looks like it's a sure thing.  We got hit today with a whopping 15 inches so far and its still pretty blustery out there.  The bad news is the holiday party I was really looking forward to isn't going to happen as just venturing out from our driveway is Mission Impossible but as I'm lying next to the fire with a yummy glass of wine and "It's a Wonderful Life" playing in the background,  I'm embracing what a gift this snowstorm is to our family. 
This morning I was scheduled to teach a  a class in my Clean Spirit Studio.  Nine  were scheduled to attend and as news of the impending storm began yesterday afternoon, slowly the list dwindled.  It turned out to be a private session with one brave soul stomping in with snow boots and a yoga mat under her arm which was really a lovely start to my day.  Husband made eggs for breakfast and instead of splitting up in two directions to take the two oldest to basketball games we stayed at home.  Our youngest Tess and I made a pan of fudge,  a bit gritty, but still very much edible.  Ted was the abominable plow husband and hung a few lights.   And dinner was a vegetable Cannelloni which I would have never had the time to make had I been spending my day in the school's gym watching basketball games.
The frantic pace of the Holiday season typically throws me out of whack.  I love this time but so often want to hit the pause button just so that I can momentarily appreciate the present.  And yet looking at my weekend schedule before the storm hit; I admit I didn't think I would even have time to take a breath.
The storm forced us to celebrate the Holidays in a very yogic fashion. I feel in tune with the season and renewed energy  to connect with close friends and family. Next week already looks overbooked, but who knows, the chances of a second storm coming through are looking a bit high.  Big smile. 

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