Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Conversation with an Adventurer

Karen Nicholas has been kayaking for over 12 years.  As owner and operator of Adventure Vacations on Madeline Island she decided long ago that she wanted to get off the grid. For her, the concept of being present, presented itself to her surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors....and she found what she was looking for on a small island in  Lake Superior, Madeline Island.

Two years ago, she brought her brick and morter business to the island and hasn't looked back.  I met her recently at her winter home in St Paul, MN and asked a few questions about what retreaters could expect kayaking with her adventure guides on Lake Superior.

Amy:  What drew you to Madeline Island?
Karen:  The community and the raw picturesque beauty.  There is nothing like it anywhere else and I am always amazed by the beauty of the island.  It inspired me on my first trip and I never wanted to leave.  Most of all I found that the beauty of the outdoors was the one time that I could fully realize the benefit of being present.
Amy:  Tell me about how you prepared for the kayaking aspect of your business.
Karen:  Safety is a priority.  I am a first responder, have lifeguard training, and am ACA certified.  I have my US Coast Guard safety licence and of course all of the extras such as CPR training and First Aid training....that's just the basics.
Amy: What can women of Madeline Island Yoga Retreats expect during the kayaking portion of their getaway?
Karen:  Majestic landscape and the opportunity to breathe.  From the minute you board the ferry you experience a release.  It's a chance to leave behind the daily grind of work and everyday life. I have people and even kids tell me all of the time that they will never forget kayaking the islands.

Karen just released some fantastic pictures she has taken from the island.  Click on the link below and get a feel for your own personal summer adventure.  Contact amy@cleanspirityoga with any questions.

Click here for some Madeline Island Eye Candy: Animoto - Apostle Islands Boat Trips Final

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