Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Teen's First Job

My fifteen year old son just received a letter in the mail confirming a summer job offer at the summer camp he has attended for the past five years.  He will be a member of the kitchen staff (read: dishwasher). He is ecstatic.

As his mom, I had mixed feelings about this man-child of mine receiving his first job.  This is a milestone in his life and I believe an important opportunity to establish independence and prove responsibility.  At the same time, my heart breaks with the understanding that this summer will be a small taste of what is just around the corner when he goes off to college.  It's that break from this family unit and the beginning of his own real life. (sniff, sniff).

Last night I struggled to sleep wondering how he was going to survive the summer away from the mother who has always made sure he ate balanced meals and washed his laundry.  How well of a job did I do to prepare him for a summer away from me?  Does he comprehend that he will have to actually work at the camp he has loved so much for all of the great outdoor activity?  I've vowed to up his chore list at home to include nightly kitchen cleaning and all of his own personal laundry, a concept he is currently none too happy with.

Bottom line is that this is as much of a milestone for me.  I just realized that our summers on Madeline Island were basically going to be one family member short.  I'm pleased with the son I have raised but not quite ready to accept that he is no longer all mine.

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  1. Tug...At...Heartstrings.... This made me think...I don't want my boys to grow up. Funny how all that selfless love we give our kids turns into this selfish want to have them around. They make our lives so much richer. Congrats to Teddy. Condolences to you, Amy. Thankfully- he is such a neat individual, that you know he will always be just a phone call away...and waiting anxiously for your call.


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