Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweaty Bands - Headbands for the Athlete

It’s always fun to find something new that really works well and share with others.  Recently, I was contacted by sweaty bands and asked to carry their line.  I received a few samples in the mail and wore them during several yoga classes.
First of all, they are very cute; and much more stylish then the name implies.  I loved the samples I received and when I looked at their selection online I was pleased to think that I can get away from my boring goody collection and have something that makes my hair look nice while teaching a power yoga class.  Best news of all, they really don’t slip.  I have taught tons of classes with my headband slipping out in the middle of down dog…very annoying.  These really did stay in place.
Another plus,  they are comfortable to wear.  I forgot I had one on.
But the true test for the bands was a day in the life of my daughters.  Kiki plays basketball and really appreciated the fact that she did’nt have to fidget with her very long hair during practice.  My six year old kept it in all day at school and that’s a feat in itself.
My favorite style is a reflective band for runners.  What a great idea for those early am/late pm runners.
I’m looking forward to carrying this line myself this fall.  Great product!  Click here: sweaty bands


  1. These look really nice! I'm having a hard time previewing the product on their website so it is nice to see it on your girls. Do they sell these locally in Eau Claire?

  2. I haven't seen them in Eau Claire yet. I will carry them next fall but for now the best option is their website. I would be happy to loan one to you to try Anna :)


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