Friday, April 1, 2011

Inspired by Yoga Journal’s Talent Search

Yoga Journal recently kicked off their first ever talent contest asking yogis to submit their favorite photo and a short bio about what inspires them.  I’m not sure if they expected to get a whopping 2,500 plus entries but, wow, they did.  Yogis from all over submitted artful, unique, and even a few humorous shots.
Some of my favorites are the ones who expressed a little individuality.  As a vanilla latte connoisseur I was pleased to see someone holding a Starbucks cup.   Two awesome things in one beautiful pose! One of my favorite entries is of blogger Anna Guest Jelly who tells yogis to embrace their curves and emphasizes what I believe most of all, Yoga is for everyone.  Read her blog here.
Of course I have to give a nod to my friend Christy who teaches on Madeline Island with me.  She is an amazing teacher and even a more amazing human. Plus you have to appreciate a girl who gets her face that close to the snow.
And yes, I entered too.  My picture will always be meaningful because it really was taken days  after I was given a clean slate on life….a cancer-free diagnosis.  It rode on the back of a long year of treatment, a healing yoga retreat in Montana, and the realization that I was a true warrior. Plus it was shot by my husband and in my happy place, State Park on Madeline Island.
Namaste friends!  Share your favorite entries with me here! I’m inclined to give everyone 5 stars.  And don’t forget that you can vote daily for your favorites.

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