Monday, April 11, 2011

"Ice, Be Gone"

Spring cleaning in our home is a joyous occasion. No, really……..

The Nichevo Awaits...
Every spring when the ice melts on Lake Superior we head up to Madeline Island to dust the cobwebs and wash away the winter dust.  It’s a lot of work and I usually am met with resistance from our kids over the full day of cleaning expected on Saturday. But the promise of summer months ahead is only a fresh clean scent away.
On Friday, as we boarded the ferry in Bayfield, Lake Superior was full of glassy ice chunks.  As the ferry plowed through the mini-glaciers, (my kids term), the rifts of ice would crash into each other and create the illusion of sparks.  It was beautiful.
By the time we left on Sunday almost all of the ice had melted.  I heard one of the ferry guides yell gleefully, “Ice, be gone!”  Seems like for many of us, the idea of melted ice is the spring cleaning of Lake Superior.

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  1. Your blog is delightful, but (and maybe this is just me) it's very difficult to read the green letters against the blue background. Sue C.


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