Friday, June 24, 2011

Settled In

Stress is a funny thing.  It manifests itself differently in so many people. Some hold their shoulders up at their ear, others stiffen up in their lower back, and some even collect stress in their hips (how many yoga masters have  sung the praises of pigeon pose as a release of emotional stress?).

Before the final big move to the island I was running the hamster wheel at a very speedy pace.  There was never enough time with my kids or husband, not to mention time for my personal yoga practice.   I could feel my own stress build up and I was a ticking yogini ready to blow. My stomach felt like I had a knot in it. Every time I tried to get a few good breaths of air in there was no breaking through that big ole stress ball.

We arrived last night to a pretty wet island that had suffered through a good ten days of bad weather.  It was cold and pretty dreary upon arrival.  But to the delight of my kids and myself, today was spectacular.  It was also a turning point as we all settled in  for the anticipated great summer months ahead. 

These days are the very happiest.  We played on the beach most of the day. As I was taking pics of the kids I did a mental body scan of my own and realized that my breath was long and even, my stomach soft, and my shoulders released. I swear it has something to do with the magic of Madeline Island.

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