Monday, June 13, 2011

Toy Story Clouds Today

This morning I drove my teen son to the summer camp he will be working at most of the summer.  Mixed emotions as I listened to a man/child discuss his theory of life. 
I decided long ago that time alone with a child in the car is one of the best opportunities we moms have to connect with our kids.  It used to be a nature hike or bed tucking - in time, but the big kids don’t offer themselves up for those childish routines anymore (sniff, sniff.)  In fact it is highly likely that even during a quiet nature walk they would insist on walking two feet ahead or two feet behind.
And yet, for forty five  solid minutes I had his undivided attention.  I did have to endure his radio station but he kindly agreed to at least keep it at a decent decibel level.
What struck me was not the mature talk of what his future brings.  He discussed his love of history and architecture as well as concerns about college and ACT prep.  He talked about football practice this coming fall and how he imagines life as a high school junior and car license holder (look out world).  What struck me the most was his pause when he turned his head up towards the sky and announced, “ Hey Mom,  look.  The clouds look like Toy Story clouds.”
My take:  He focuses on the big picture but even his teenager brain can appreciate the beauty of simple,  everyday things.  I’d like to think and really hope that perhaps I can take just a little bit of credit for that.

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