Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lake Superior Snob

Harvest Stompede Walk/Run: Hills of Vineyards

Strength and Support in Numbers

41 children at home with their Dads........

Beautiful historic Fishtown

After wrapping up a great summer on Madeline, I hit the ground running back in Eau Claire, Wi.  Our first week back included prepping four children for back-to-school and re-opening Clean Spirit Yoga Studio.  So understanding that life would be a mini-tornado for at least the first couple of weeks, I still wittingly walked further into the storm when I accepted an invitation to go away for a long weekend to Traverse City, Michigan with eleven girlfriends. 

Adding insult, I'm keenly aware of the impact of traveling with my girlfriends, who not so secretly double as both runners and seekers of fun. As I write this, I'm still feeling the sore calf muscles and the heavy eyelids. It was worth every second.

Most surprising to me about the trip was the beauty of Lake Michigan.  I am not only a Madeline Island aficionado I am also a Lake Superior snob.  I mean, there's a reason it's called Superior, right? When the dunes of Lake Michigan were voted Most Beautiful Place in America I gave a little hmmppff under my breath.  How could a sand hill compete with our incredible rock outcroppings?

Again, lesson learned.  It was fantastic to experience the vast uniqueness of another great lake town.  We did the Harvest Stompede walk/run through the vineyards of Leelanau Peninsula, wine tasted our afternoon away at local wineries, and of course in good girlfriend fashion shopped and ate our days away, while soaking up the beauty of another great lake.

I'm tired; but still smiling.

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