Friday, September 2, 2011

Point A to Point B

Recently, I had one of those experiences where someone says something to me and I literally think about it for days. I mull, ponder, consider, and write about it.  Yep, that is what I do.  Not over the very basic statement like, "please pass the guacamole"  but often something very insightful that reminds me to also always be mindful of what I say  to other people.

Point A
This time the statement caused a very positive reflection and actually made me quite teary.  Thinking about it  reminded me of many of the reasons I feel grateful.  It was spoken from the lips of my  friend Lucinda who is an incredible  photographer.  She was on Madeline Island taking some pictures for Madeline Island Yoga Retreats.  Halfway between the shoot she stated, "this is so much better than the last one I did with you."  Simple comment, but I knew what she meant and remembering it momentarily took my breath away.  Our last photo shoot was actually quite sensitive as I had just started to lose hair from chemo treatments and all of my yoga teaching was on a health-hold.  Looking back at those pictures I remember vividly how the emotional pain cut deeper than any of the surgeries or treatments ever could.

Point B
 To sum it up, it reminded me of how many of the survivors I know pull an incredible strength from somewhere deep within themselves. I look back at that first photo shoot (point A) to the pictures I just received from Lucinda today (point B) and am very grateful. And, honestly......I feel better than ever before.  Life is a little bit sweeter knowing what I can do and that when obstacles present themselves in my path, there is a potential for even more strength.

So thanks for that my thoughtful friend.  And a shout out to all of my sexy survivor buddies too.

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