Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Break for Fall

Fall is always that time of year that I feel like I  need an extension of the season.  Husband is very busy and back at work full swing, kids are in school, and between football practices and games, dance lessons, piano, and guitar there is not much breathing time for mom.  I am wistful of the summer past and  have to work at not becoming resentful when  everyone gets crazy tired and I really need a break. 

We snuck one in last weekend and I was extremely grateful to have all four kids with us for an afternoon.  With three teenagers that is a rarity.  Best of all, they all felt like playing when we came across a apple slinging target at the local apple orchard. They all made me laugh with their antics and we scored a big bag of  Honeycrisp appples and some caramel sauce.   And of course we had to bring home the biggest pumkin from the patch.                                   
But the best fall moments are bound to be next weekend as we head up to the island for our final Madeline hurrah.  Applefest in Bayfield, WI is on the docket and I can't wait for the most amazing fish chowders and oowey gooey caramel apples in the busy street of Bayfield. Plus, the view of fall colors against the deep blue of Lake Superior is breathtaking.  I'll take pictures of course, but it never does justice to that fantastic landscape.

One big sigh of relief.......I did wrap up a pretty big project.  I re-created my Madeline Island Yoga Retreats Website  to hopefully make it more reader friendly.  I still have a few bits and pieces I wanted to add and clean up, (remember, I'm a type A yogini ), but for the most part the biggest chunk of it is complete.  Our 2012 dates are posted and I am thrilled by the line-up of events and awesome guides we will be working with next summer. Plus, now much of the fun work begins as I spend time planning all of the elements of a renewing and adventuresome get-a-way for women.


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