Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My thoughts on "What to say to a Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient"

Kris Carr's blog: Love it!
As a survivor, I gravitate towards finding strength in what I do have control over. And I look for people who have that ingrained sense of positivity in how they live life.  I don't think anyone does this better than Kris Carr. So I like reading her work, following her great advice on health, and most of all I like her spunk and spitfire attitude on surviving cancer.

I follow her blog Crazy, Sexy, Life, and once in a while I'm  privileged to write for it.  Today's post: What to say to a Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient was written by yours truly. If anything I hope I was able to convey how important the messages are that we send to the recently diagnosed. Be aware and be is the greatest gift.

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