Saturday, November 5, 2011

Partner Poses - Double Tree and Partner Pincha Mayurasana

Sometimes while teaching a class I try to incorporate an element of joy and fun.  Partner poses seem to be a great way to do that  and I've had a blast watching some of my clients work together in a trusting relationship as they support each other in partner poses. Awwwww.

So I add them in here or there and almost always hear laughter and delight as the two create a beautiful shape and reap the benefits of a partner pose.

One that is accessible to most is double tree:

Amy and Christy in Double Tree on Madeline Island

  • For best results work with someone close to your height. Stand beside your partner with your hips together.

  • Lift the outside leg, bend that knee and use your hands to pull your foot up so it's pressing against your other inner thigh. You should never press into a knee joint so make sure your foot is above or below the knee. Draw your knee back to open your hips.

  • Wrap your arm around your partner's waist

  • Reach your outside arms up and stabilize yourself by rooting down on your standing foot and lengthening the spine upwards with strength in the core. 

  •  Do the other side.

  • Another pose that I do not recommend unless you have an advanced practice is Partner Pincha Mayurasana:

    Jen and Heidi in Pincha Mayurasana at Clean Spirit Yoga Studio

    In addition they did have a spotter nearby (me) prepared to assist if things get a little hairy.  But these two strong yoginis Jen and Heidi made such a beautiful shape with their partner pose that this proud teacher had to share.



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