Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today was supposed to be family fun day and from the moment I woke up I was feeling anything but fun.  It seems a head cold has set its sights on me and despite the fact that I was very busy all week I was still behind.  However, we went out to enjoy lunch with the family and then a quick trip to the bookstore so that my husband could pick out a new book for Tess’s classroom. (He is the mystery reader in two weeks – shhhhhhhh).
The bookstore trip turned out to be more than quick as my husband ordered up a tray full of bookstore lounging style beverages, biscotti, and several magazines to peruse. He also found a head scratcher that somewhat resembles an egg scrambler and decided that our family needed one of those, maybe even two.  So while everyone was kicking back, perusing, and marveling at the tingly feeling one received from said head scratcher I was getting that tight breath that occurs when you start to worry about everything that has to be done.    
Yes, we bought it. 
An older lady was smiling at the kids and she and Ted started up a conversation.  She decided the head scratcher was a very worthwhile concept and had Grace find her one for her head too.  Everyone decided that the scratchers were really great and that everyone should have one.  They even had the potential to double as hats.
I was getting very crabby.
Finally, I mustered up enough umpf to put a smile on my face and said to the older woman, “I’m sorry but I’m going to have to drag these joksters away as we have wasted enough time and I have so much to do.  She smiled the sweetest smile ever and said to me, “but time is never wasted if you are enjoying it with your family”.
Yep.  Life schooled again.

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