Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"The Courage is Contagious Project"

It's been a busy, exhausting, wonderful week.  I can finally share the details of my newest project the I have been working on with my dear friend and 5 for Women magazine creator Jen Theisen. 

 I have been asked many times if we have a scholarship available for Madeline Island Yoga Retreats. This led to some  brainstorming between friends  to create an experience for a women who has made a difference in her community.  We came up with "The Courage Is Contagious Project." Scroll down below to get the details on how you can nominate a woman of courage from your life.


The idea: to reward women who have demonstrated exemplary courage an opportunity to experience groundedness and renewal during a wellness yoga retreat. There is a universal understanding that women who practice yoga lead a healthier life and tend to feel better about themselves. The natural extension of this is to create a better world around them. We rely on the principal that the scholarship experience will be one of healing and renewal as well as an effort to inspire them to make a difference in the lives of other women.

In 2012 we will award two women a scholarship to attend our fall yoga retreat on Madeline Island. The retreat will include beautiful accommodations, organic and local meals, a daily yoga and meditation practice, hiking through the incredible State park, and sponsored discussion from wellness experts on the topics of health.

The award criteria is broad by definition (we know there is a buckets of feminine bravery out there) but we are thrilled it applies to so many. The scholarship is open to the many women who inspire us in daily life. It is the woman who kicked cancer to the curb, who overcame financial hardships and returned to college to improve her life, or who devoted her career to teaching in an effort to create a better community. It is that woman/ guru/guerilla who profoundly impacted her community with her devotion to a seemingly impossible task. The beauty of his program is women will decide. The scholarships will be awarded by selecting these women based on nominations from their peers. A team of women professionals will evaluate the nominations and publish the names of the two selected in the (May/June) issue of Five for Women and on The Clean Spirit Yoga blog.

Nomination Criteria

1. The women we are looking for have a healthy and positive approach to life.

2. They are 30 years or older and understand that with age comes both wisdom and a desire to be of service.

3. Would be able/willing to attend the fall 2012 wellness retreat.

It is our hope that through fundraising efforts, sponsorships from community leaders, and the repercussions of a positive energy that will be put forth in this endeavor that we will continue to offer this amazing experience for more and more courageous women each year. Or that our lingo, “Courage is contagious “will continue to inspire.

In 300 words or less describe how this courageous woman inspired you. Please include:

1. How this individual exhibited courage and perseverance in her accomplishments.

2. The outside impact on her community of friends, family, and/or faith life.

3. How does your nominee leads through example a health and wellness based life and

4. Tell us why your nominee would benefit from a yoga and wellness retreat on Madeline Island.

5. Please include (with her permission) a picture of your nominee exemplifying her “inner warrior.” She may be running a race for a cause, displaying her inner beauty through her service, or shining out her heart in a yoga pose. JPEG please as this photo may be posted in our magazine and websites.

6. Her name, address, phone number and email. Your name, address, phone number, and email. You may self-nominate.

7. Mail the nominations to:

The Courage is Contagious Project: PO Box 3073 Eau Claire, WI 54701 or email a microsoft document and a jpeg to  

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