Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Writing Epiphany

It's funny.  I have written for many health and wellness blogs on my experiences with cancer, living as a survivor, and how it has changed my life.  Recently I wrote the post Cancer Took Me Apart but Yoga put me Back Together  for MindBodyGreen.  Which turned out to be a post I rather liked.  However each time I'm asked, I pause.....what can I say this time that I haven't already said? 

It remains, time and time again, a topic in which the words come to me without hesitation.  Sometimes I even surprise myself with the emotion I still feel, the memories I dig up, and the fact that there is even more to be written. It has become very much an emotional cleansing ritual.

Despite the fact that I do sometimes feel that I have chemo brain residual (or is that just turning 40?), there is clarity when I write about the experience.  In fact, I don't think I was really much of a writer before the big diagnosis hit. Perhaps the cancer/yoga as healing time period in my life opened up some part of my brain that influences creativity.  Or perhaps just living through a very challenging period just makes me more inspired to leave a little bit of my mark on this world......

Whatever the case may be I think I'm into this writing gig for the long haul. If for no other reason to continue that whole process of release through the beauty of words on page.  And, If you are a reader of my stuff, thank you. (smiley face).

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