Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meet Mel: Our Second Scholarship Recipient

Surprising Melody
I think telling Melody that she was going on a Madeline Island Yoga Retreat was the highlight of my month.  She was nominated for "The Courage is Contagious Scholarship" by her friend Karen, surrounded by her running group, "The Sole Sisters," and completely caught off guard.  It was the evening after their half marathon race was successfully completed and here is the beautiful nomination read  by Karen:

Baby Stella
  Karen: I can only imagine what my friend Melody was thinking when she crossed the finish line of her “second” marathon: relief, exhaustion, joy, gratitude.  This marathon followed a year in which Melody had completed a marathon of the spirit beginning with her daughter Stella’s premature birth weighing a scant 2 ½ pounds.  For 75 grueling days Melody ‘lived’ in the NICU nurturing her infant daughter and serving as a trusted confidant to many other NICU parents who, instinctively sought Melody’s perspective and comfort.

Thankfully, Stella shared her mother’s courage and strength and came home just a few weeks before her original due date.  Drained physically and mentally from the NICU experience, Melody sought a way to reclaim her body and spirit.  Though at the time, she could barely run a mile, Melody decided to run Grandma’s Marathon with me.   Five months later this amazing woman crossed the finish line a minute and a half ahead of me!

Leading the charge to wellness, Melody’s family of six has joined her in running multiple road races together this past year, including the March of Dimes run/walk and is eating healthier than ever.  Yoga has counterbalanced Melody’s running.  She recently mastered “side crow” and you would have thought she won the lottery!

Melody has inspired me with her physical, mental, and spiritual strength.  She survives adversity with grace, wit, and an unwavering faith in God.  Melody is selfless, and as a mother who consistently puts her needs behind those of her family would never dream of treating herself to a yoga retreat.

Recalling our marathon training, Melody says that she was always in the back of the pack, slowing the pace down.   Yet, I remember her only in the lead!


P.S.  Stella is a happy, healthy, sassy almost 2 year old.

It will be a great pleasure to celebrate life with Mel during our fall Yoga and Wellness Retreat. Scroll down to the bottom of our home page for all of the juicy details.  There is space available for all wellness warrios.  We are only a ferry ride away.

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