Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet Nancy: Our Third and Final Courage is Contagious Scholarship Recipient

Our third and final 2012 scholarship recipient for The Courage is Contagious Project is Nancy. We are thrilled to offer Nancy some encouragement and solace on Madeline Island after a grueling year.  She is a true example of a woman of courage.  Her friend and co-worker Jan wrote the nomination.

I would like to nominate my friend Nancy Nevinski as a woman of courage.  When I first met Nancy seven years ago, she said she would grow on me like a fungus, and boy was she right! I soon found her to be one of the most intelligent, uplifting people I know.  Whenever I need advice or someone to just listen to me I always turn to her.  But I know her life has not been easy.

Her daughter has a learning disorder, and Nancy performed intensive early intervention to help her overcome the related symptoms. Nancy's husband Dennis was also diagnosed with frontal lobe syndrome. This was devastating to their family, but they seemed to get along with much love and support, as they were each others biggest fans.

In September, Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer-yet another blow.  She had a bilateral mastectomy and IV chemotherapy.  Her husband Dennis was by her side taking care of his “sweetie girl”.

Unfortunately this was not the end of bad news- Nancy’s husband Dennis became suddenly ill with viral myocarditis and all of his organs were shutting down.  Nancy was by his side night and day making sure he had the best of care and that she did exactly what he would have wanted.  After eleven long days, it became apparent he would not recover and he passed away.  My heart breaks for Nancy as she so bravely came through her cancer only to lose her best friend.

Nancy has handled all of her adversities in life with grace and humor which is why I would like to nominate her for the 5ive Madeline Island getaway. Several years ago Nancy lost 100 lbs. She loves to kayak, do walking marathons, and snowshoe so this experience would be a perfect fit for her.
Initially when Jen from 5 for Women and I had set up The Courage is Contagious Project we intended to start small and offer two scholarships.  We were not prepared for the amazing nominations and shows of exemplary courage that rolled in.  We ending up choosing three women to join us, understanding that this project has bigger plans than it's developers, and through grace and a little Madeline Island magic, we can offer more and more scholarships each year.

We only have room for 2 more for the Fall Yoga and Wellness Retreat.  Please consider reserving your spot today!

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