Monday, July 30, 2012

Loving Kelsey

My family attended the We <3 Kelsey benefit here on Madeline Island on Sunday.  I've written a lot about the beauty of the island but never was it more prevalent than downtown LaPointe on a very hot Sunday across from Tom's Burnt Down Bar. 

Kelsey, a beloved islander, suffered a spinal cord injury on July 4rth.  Twenty five days later the community pulled together with such an amazing show of force and love that I realized early on I was witnessing something special.  It began with the small silver hearts with Kelsey's initials adorning many necks on the island residents in early July, the artistic signs announcing the benefit in downtown LaPointe, and finally, the request for donations, volunteers, and any community support scattered all over Facebook. 

Attending the benefit was something I will never forget.  Despite spending summers on this island for the past six years I'll admit at first I felt like a bit of an outsider at a family reunion.  But having met Kelsey and knowing some of her family, it seemed like the right place to be.  And appreciating the hugeness of this community involvement in the health and well-being of one of their own was something I wanted to share in with my family

Then her family spoke. There was  mention of her spirit, her progress, and her positivity.  More specifically her mother talked about the inter-connectedness of her situation and how it impacts not only the injured party but her family, her community, and the world. Personally I wasn't a good audience as I was so overcome and stuck with the enormity of that energy that I couldn't possibly give justice to the eloquence of her mother's message (read: I was crying way too much ). But, the power of a small community that pulled together and executed that kind of show of support in a very short period of time was nothing short of miraculous.

Kelsey still needs your love and support.  A Special Needs Trust has been established for Kelsey to pay expenses related to her disability that are not covered by medical assistance. 
To contribute, please make check out to Kelsey Peterson Trust and mail to
Kelsey Peterson Special Needs Trust
Wells Fargo Bank
1455 W Lake St
Mpls, MN 55408

If you'd prefer to transfer funds to Wells Fargo Bank,
the trust's account is #8558715283



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