Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 good reasons to leave Madeline Island

I guess it's time to write this one. Looking for the positives in wrapping up my favorite season seems like a tall order. But, frankly, I'm tired of the sulking going on in this cabin. It's time to gracefully close this chapter as we start to organize life and prepare for the school year.
My kid's responses to the question, "What are you looking forward as we return to Eau Claire" were expected. Apparently the highest of their list included: better flavored tap water, cable television, and a decent dishwasher. Not exactly insightful reasons to pack up. My husband's were more entertaining. He is looking forward to establishments with consistent hours. This is funny if you know the island. While you can trust our favorite places to be open on a regular basis, part of the island's charm is that there are a few places that are hit or miss. I don't mind it. Its a nice surprise when you want breakfast at Ella's Island Cafe and then to your delight they have flipped the sign to open.
So here it is:
My Top 5 Reasons Why it's OK to Leave Madeline Island:

1.  Sand and surf hair:  OK, I think that it is rather beautiful.  But inevitably I get a lecture from the hairdresser when these locks return to the real world.  Sun and sand means we are all a bit bleached out, and all of the vitamin E in the city isn't going to repair this hair damage any time soon.
2. Sea glass in my dryer lint drawers (once lining the pockets of my kids shorts - unmoved) and beach sand in crevices of my vehicle seats: I really need a car wash and there is not a one on this island.
3. Grocery stores with pine nuts:  And chocolate chips, garbanzo beans, and kale.  It's not easy to find certain ingredients sometimes.  The benefit is really embracing the local ingredients that are plentiful. I can make a mean whitefish taco dinner and Bayfield blueberry dessert.
4.  Late night star gazing:  When Monday provides an incredible full moon and sky full of stars, Tuesday offers a full display of color via Northern Lights, and Wednesday's thunder storm provides a brilliant show of lightening it's hard to feel as if you aren't missing something when you don't stay up til two am. I'm tired.
5. Lastly, I'm looking forward to structure. People ask us what we do on the island all summer.  When not running yoga retreats, I sometimes thrill in the opportunity to do absolutely nothing, more specifically, nothing work related.  But as these lazy August days have rolled to their finality, I admit I sometimes miss the scheduling that a school day provides.  The kids are ready for it too.  And at the very least, back home in Eau Claire, we can begin our countdown to summer 2013.

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  1. Wow, I'm thrilled to find your blog. A women you met over the summer (named Lynn, teaches yoga in Madison, and went to HS with your husband) gave me the link. My husband and I were married in Bayfield (technically Washburn at the courthouse) and have returned most summers. This year and last we brought our two young children (4 and 2). We miss it, and can now enjoy it via your blog. Also, a good friend and I are looking for yoga retreats in 2013, the year we turn 40. I will follow this on my blog as well.....keep writing and sharing!


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