Sunday, June 2, 2013

3 Funerals and a Graduation

My heart was heavy this week mirroring the heavy mugginess of our Wisconsin Spring. Usually this is the time that I skip through the days planning my family's move to our place of happy,  Madeline Island.  But each day of the last few weeks was an effort to get through some tough days and try to see the rainbows that colored our Eau Claire skies.

Two of the funerals were celebrations of lives well lived.  One was a beautiful life cut short.  All three were reminders of the fragility of life and what really matters in the end.

I have so much love for the many humans that attended these funerals with me.  I was reminded each time of how important the people in our lives are and in the end nothing is as important as love for one another.

Despite the sadness, I had a few moments of delight and joy as I watched my eldest walk across a stage for commencement.  It wasn't the piece of paper he received that delighted me.  It was the way he embraced one of his mentors on the stage with his large man-child body (he's 6'3) almost knocking him over.  My children know love.....and show love...... and that is one of the things I am proudest of as a mother.

My mantra lately, "in the end, only kindness matters."


  1. Amy, I loved this piece. It is beautifully written: concise, yet covering a whole array of feelings. Thank you for blogging.


    1. Very honored by your comment Chris, as you are one of the writers whose words have inspired me. Much love right back at you.

  2. Your thoughtful and kind words sink into this tired mind of mine like water to my thirsty throat. Giving love is not always an easy task but the rewards are always worth the effort. I am so proud of you and your siblings. My mom's funeral eulogy was written with your thoughtful and kind words. Thank you..


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