Thursday, June 13, 2013


Or more like major life change.

It never fails to surprise me when I move to Madeline in June.  I've done it many times, wrapping up one life and shifting gears completely to prepare for another.  I should be used to this right? And yet, somehow I always am stumped.

This year the transition almost left me breathless. It was the marathon of things to accomplish and the finish line was never in my line of sight.  I stressed over registering kids for fall events, last minute dental appointments, and the transfer of copious amounts of food.  Every time I thought I had wrapped something up, I was adding two more things to my list.

Finally and despite the fact that our car full of kids, a dog, a cat, coolers of food, yoga supplies, and flats of flowers was full to the brim a la Griswold style, I was Madeline bound. Only to realize I still forgot very important things such as essential oils (to thwart the tick season), chocolate (seriously!) and my own yoga mat. Yikes.  And once you are on an island you are kind of SOL. I will have to live without.

At first not having the things that are so accessible in Eau Claire really bothered me.  But only for a day.  My first evening here I was greeted with one of our famous brilliant sunsets.  Almost made me forget about missing the chocolate.

The second day, I caught up with many of the people I work with on the island as I prepare for the retreat season.  I love this community and the energy that I feel when I'm here.  I can order some new essential oils on line.

And today, I was delighted to be featured in The Green Connoisseur's post entitled "Kick Start your Healthier Life which highlighted all of the wonderful things about our retreats that make this a very special get -a-way.  Kick starting a healthier lifestyle is a great mantra for what a retreat can mean to women and is really what a retreat should be designed to do.  So I was honored and couldn't help but think that maybe all this positivity stemmed from the magic of Madeline.

And my dear sweet husband can ship me my yoga mat, right?  Sorry folks, just can't live without that (wink).

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