Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Blissful Fall on Madeline Island

Melody's side crow on the rock

Apologies for the blog post leave of absence.  It's been two weeks since I left made a mark on this site and I blame it on the combination of back to school, a fall trip on Madeline Island celebrating our scholarship recipients, and just general mommy hoopla.  There has been little time to write.

That said, our last fall retreat was of deep significance in my life and I am still on cloud nine from sharing this experience with beloved friends both new and hold (reference to duration of friend time, not age!) I am sharing some of the highlights in pics.

Worth mentioning, this was the retreat that we shared with the three scholarship recipients from our Courage is Contagious Project.  The experience was bigger than we could have ever imagined and I'm looking forward to re-creating this annual event.  As the teacher I am quite sure these ladies taught me more than I could have ever taught them and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been their teacher and retreat leader.  A special thanks goes out to my rockstar friend 5 for Women magazine Jen who partnered with me on this project, Christy Wandrei from Yoga on the Rock and Kristin Polenz from Drammen Yoga, and The Inn on Madeline Island who helped to make our stay so incredible.



  1. Lovely!! I just found this and it is beautiful and inspiring!!

    1. Great to see you here! I am a big fan of your work as well :)


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